Little Gruinard Beach
Die 19

Distillery Bottling

Alkohol: 46%
Alter: 18yo
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1.Horst60 Punkte    1268 Punkte
2.Collboy100 Punkte    1132 Punkte
3.Skyelight80 Punkte    1121 Punkte
4.rottendon20 Punkte    1041 Punkte
5.Pfue80 Punkte    1011 Punkte
6.AKernel80 Punkte    985 Punkte
7.Eneloop200920 Punkte    982 Punkte
8.angelmountain80 Punkte    963 Punkte
9.marty201670 Punkte    905 Punkte
10.guiness80 Punkte    823 Punkte
11.EMalt50 Punkte    808 Punkte
12.Brennblase7320 Punkte    794 Punkte
13.overfilledwaistcoat40 Punkte    787 Punkte
14.Horzi60 Punkte    786 Punkte
15.Nightbeaver80 Punkte    726 Punkte



# tina-west 2016-12-09 22:34

Bitte schreibt alle einen Kommentar über diesen Whisky, egal ob gut oder schlecht. Wenn möglich auf englisch :)

Please leave a comment today :)
# Ben60311 2016-12-19 21:36
I really liked the ratio of sweetness and spice. Curious how much alc it really got.

All in all very yummy Malt ;)
# Collboy 2016-12-18 22:35
Fair enjoyed this one. Very very mellow and sweet without being "over-sherried" to achieve sweetness. Easy drinking and warms up nicely.
# Horst 2016-12-19 21:42
I have to say that for me there is something "wrong" with this drink. Sweet'n'mellow - yess, but some "side-tastes" that don't fit in well, imho.
# Berneray 2016-12-19 21:45
This is a really good stuff!It is very intense and longlasting in the taste, fresh and powerful in the nose. I like it very much and I would appreciate to have it again in my glass.
# rottendon 2016-12-19 21:58
Sorry to have a different opinion, I did not like it at all. Way too much soap and lavender, poorly bound-in Alcohol, sour casknotes and bitter tones. Consistency almost watery and didn't find anything sweet in it. Sure y'all didn't just mix up the numbers 18 and 19?
# marty2016 2016-12-19 22:04
This is a good malt, sweet and quite mild.
Only the deer is unusual.
# JSchrape 2016-12-19 22:04
It is very delicious. I think, this is my new favourite.
# Midnight Angel 2016-12-19 22:05
Hmm... I have to agree with Horst.
It is amply sweet and mellow, all right.
However, right off the bat, I have a bitter note that doesn't go away until the end... and seems to intensify with every subsequent sip.
# amokgolfer 2016-12-19 22:23
Actually I'm with Horst and Midnight Angel, I can't make friendship with this one: After an interesting nose to my point of view there is too much bitterness in mouth and aftertaste.
# EMalt 2016-12-19 22:23
It's a nice dram, very nice nose, and nice fruity/waxy taste. Unfortunately after a while it lacks a bit of power end becomes a bit 'flat' and drying. So still a very nice dram, but not epic. 87 points.
# vizilo 2016-12-19 22:45
The best part is the nose quite fruity and sweet. The palate is not that great, a bit watery and with a slightly sour aftertaste. A good dram nothing more nothing less.
# overfilledwaistcoat 2016-12-19 22:47
Reading the other comments, A Brit might call this a Marmite whisky. For those who don't know Marmite, people either love it or hate it. I'm not a fan of this whisky. I would agree almost precisely with rottendon, except that I don't mind the "soap" on the nose, and I got some sweetness after adding water.
# rottendon 2016-12-20 00:45
That's possible, but I didn't think of pouring water in a watery whisky...
# AKernel 2016-12-19 22:52
I like this one. It's one of my favoourites of this years calendar.
I think the nose is better than the palate. The nose is more intense, the taste is a bit mild. I would have prefered if the taste would have been as intense as the nose. But it is still a very good dram.
# tripleB 2016-12-19 22:53
I enjoyed this whisky very much. Fruity, creamy and waxy in the nose and fruity taste with a little bitterness. But it fades out with peaches which is one of my favourite fruit
# guiness 2016-12-19 23:07
Die einzige Distillery die ich von Anfang an ausgeschlossen habe
# Collboy 2016-12-19 23:15
The review on the website for the whisky says pineapple - and i think that is spot on.
# rottendon 2016-12-20 00:43
You're not supposed to eat the pineapples green!
# rottendon 2016-12-20 01:04
To the distillery people:

I see and appreciate your attempt, I personally compare you in a way to Speyside Distillery. Any distillery that has to market stuff like the Beinn Dubh using lies supposedly has a serious quality problem, definitely an image problem. You can imagine how surprised I was on finding out, that independent bottlers had magnificent casks on stock.

With you I have no comparison since there's not many independently bottled Loch Lomonds, as you probably know. I've tried stuff from your distillery including Inchmurrin, Inchmoan and Croftenga always trying to keep an open mind, sorry to say that you never convinced me. On the over hand I am pretty sure also your warehouses carry some extraordinary stuff. So my advice to you would be to take some of that and create an extraordinary bottling, not necessarily a single Cask, rather a small batch, maybe around 10,000 bottles to show what you can achieve to the opinion multipliers.

But be sure to leave those crappy 5th Fill barrels out of it. Use those in discounter bottlings and cheap blends where they belong...

Warm and honest greetings from Germany to you hard working people!

...keep on and someday people will really care if you lose dozens of casks to a fire or leakages.

P. S.: Thanks for the bottles!
# Onkel O. 2016-12-20 20:21
What is described here as "waxy" or "soap" is a kind of rubbery note for me. It is not a bad whisky, but I would not want to buy an entire bottle of it. The rubber destroyed it for me.
# Stover 2016-12-20 20:32
I have alway wanted to try the Loch Lomond 18 - thanks!

However I did not really enjoy it as much as I had hoped.