Ring of Brodgar, Mainland Orkney
Die 3

The Whisky Cask

Bourbon Cask
Alkohol: 59.5%
Distilled: 2003
Bottled: 2013
Alter: 10yo
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Es haben insgesamt 72 User teilgenommen.
Davon haben 12 User die Destillerie richtig getippt und 47 User mit dem Alter sowie 12 User mit dem Alkhologehalt gepunktet.

59 User geben dem Dram des Tages durchschnittlich 6.69 Punkte.
     Today 72 users have participated in the guessing.
12 users guessed the distillery correctly, 47 users scored with the age and 12 users scored with the ABV.

59 users give this dram an average score of 6.69 points.
Beim heiteren Whiskyraten liegt zur Zeit 'Horst' mit 1535 Punkten vorne.     At the moment 'Horst' has the lead in our happy whisky-guessing-competition scoring 1535 points so far.

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4.Hermes20 Punkte    130 Punkte
5.Horst60 Punkte    130 Punkte
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13.amokgolfer60 Punkte    109 Punkte
14.Onkel O.70 Punkte    106 Punkte
15.vizilo65 Punkte    105 Punkte



# overfilledwaistcoat 2015-12-03 20:16
If I hadn't got to go out I would have spent the whole evening just breathing I the luscious aroma of that whisky. So, I just had to drink it. Fancy yesterday's being Tamdhu! I can't get over how different it was to the bottle of Tina's I had a taste of two weeks ago. I'd have given that a 9 no problem. If it was the same bottling I'll cry.
# Collboy 2015-12-03 23:02
That was a very nice dram